Hi all 🙂 I’m Claire. I’m 22 years old and about to graduate from nursing school. I discovered my love for fitness back in high school. I was a frequent flyer on the elliptical and was known for having my headphones on and magazine in front of me to “zone out”. It wasn’t until I set my sites on competing that I discovered how amazing it was to actually focus on your workout! It’s an even better distraction from the stresses of nursing school than “zoning out”! After four months of rigorous training I competed in my first fitness competition and I fell in love! You WILL see me back on that stage again. I’m not done yet! But until then, you get to read all about my journey!




claire.gostyla.isagenix.com/ –> Wanna get healthy, maybe lose a few pounds, and increase your energy ten-fold?? The answers are a click away! Message me at claire.gostyla.isagenix@gmail.com with any questions, inquiries, or reservations!